TVHeadend and zap2it/zap2xml

Hi everyone,

In case anyone else has recently had a problem with your EPG just being blank, there is a new version of zap2epg that seems to only update if you do it manually.

So, if you’re having the same issue, take advantage of what I’ve learned and visit GitHub - edit4ever/script.module.zap2epg: zap2epg - EPG grabber for USA/Canada to download the latest version (1.3.1) as a zip file and choose to install by zip file instead of from the repository.

It will take some time for the EPG to repopulate, so just give it time.

Sweet! Applied the update from zip and got my EPG working back again, Thanks !

Unfortunately, this add-on appears to be broken again. When visiting GitHub, I see that zap2epg is now up to version 2.0.3.

Unfortunately, everything after version 1.3.1 won’t install. If I try and install the newer versions, I get this error:

Failed to install add-on from zip file. The dependency on xbmc.python version 3.0.0 could not be satisfied

Assuming updating zap2epg will fix my error, how do I overcome this python error?

Pyhton 3 will come with Kodi v19. So if you urgently need it just follow the instructions on the V19 testing thread.

Thank you @fzinken I’ll have to think about that. Not having an epg sucks, but I may break a whole lot of other things trying out Kodi v19

Well what ever it breaks now will also break as soon as the stable v19 is released