Tvheadend AppStore Version

Can anyone tell me if the AppStore version of TvHeadend is working yet?
I’ve got a working version that I built according to HarryL’s instructions that works fine ( except for recordings ) but now it often hangs on boot because the front end is not initialised. This may be because I’m starting tvheadend in the wrong place at startup (advice would be welcome).
Thinking that OSMC updates may be messing with the tvheadend startup, I’ve created a new OSMC build and downloaded tvheadend from the AppStore but scans fail.
Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Yes – it has been working since June.

A log may be needed for this


don’t suppose you’re using a realtek RTL2832u based tuner?

Nope. PCTV si2168.
And just to extend my original query, tvheadend now won’t even scan the muxes (originally, it scanned but came up blank).

Uninstalled TvHeadend. Remove .hts directory. Re-installed TvHeadend from AppStore.
Added Network with pre-loaded muxes. Muxes scanned but failed to find any services.
Added a mux manually and rescanned. Only the pre-loaded muxes scanned - failed again.
The mux I added manually did not scan. Permanently Pending.
Checked for differences between Appstore version and HarryL version (which works) i noticed this on mux tab for mux 490mghz:

Original Network Id on Appstore Version: 65535
Original Network Id on HarryL Version: 9018

Transport Stream Id on Appstore Version: 65535
Transport Stream Id on HarryL Version: 4164

I have no idea what these numbers mean and they are not user-changeable

Can anyone shed any light?
If a log would help could you tell me in words of one syllable how to get one for TvHeadend and how to upload it?
Thanks again.

Solved. Drivers were missing. I had thought they were included in kernel since 3.4.
Ho hum.

Will try and get this in