TVHeadend buffering/crashes

Hi. I bought the DVB-T2 dongle from the store about 3 weeks and have been struggling to get live TV ever since. I followed the excellent guide
(Watching live TV with a USB DVB tuner or network TV tuner) as much as I could but we’re on a repeater so no automatic selection for mux but I think after reading umpteen posts/guides the tvheadend is roughly set up right. However, vision frequently freezes/skips/breaks-up (typical values for Signal strength; 75 - 80dBm and SNR 24dB in case these are poor?). This has been improved (occasionally) by ticking ‘‘Force old status’’ on the TV Adapters Parameters menu. The main problem is when I return to the TV Guide page on Vero I get a ‘‘Buffering’’ message top right and frequently the box crashes. I’m on the May update with only the remote and DVB dongle attached. Logs; Thanks for any help, Andy

What region are you in?

North West (Glossop). A repeater off Winter Hill

These don’t look very good. Although it’s dangerous to compare one dongle with another, I have SNR 34dB and signal strength -36dB atm. Maybe get yourself down to Sheffield and ask these guys

I did wonder - that aerial and cables been up there for ever - but could that then bring about the box crashing?

That’s funny, but I doubt the TVHeadend devs spend a lot of time testing corner cases. Were you going back to the EPG while playing a channel or did you STOP first? I’ve never seen buffering when looking at the EPG.

No - I didn’t Stop first (didn’t realise you could do that) so It would still be playing in the background presumably (good site on your previous link - just trawling through it now). I’ll try that, see if it makes a difference.

Yes, I bought all my stuff from them on the digital switchover. I don’t have line-of-sight to the transmitter and I have a loft aerial and three dongles so I’ve had to use two amps (masthead and splitter).

well - a quick test going via stop first doesn’t bring up buffering! So assuming the logs didn’t show anything odd I’ll assume ‘operator error’ looks likely!
Thanks for the suggestion.