TVHeadEnd Client on Vero 4K+

I have a HDHomeRun TNT (network tuner), working with a TVH server installed on a Synology.
It has been working well for years.
I would like to know if a TVHeadEnd Client can be installed on the Vero 4K+, to stream TNT channels.
I have tried the HDHomeRun add-on, but it is catastrophic ! The picture is freezing every second.
I did found the add-on in the repository; only the possibility to install a Tvheadend Server from OSMC store.
Thank you for you help
Kind regards
Alexandre, FRANCE

The Vero4k/OSMC/Kodi comes already installed with a TVheadend Client. You just need to configure it.
Go to Settings -> MyAddons.

Thanks !
It worked just as you said :slight_smile:
The client works beautifully. The streaming is perfect, but also the way one can see recent recordings, coming recordings, and TV programs.
I must say on this point: this is perfect !
Also, that the community around OSMC/Vero is really a big “plus”.