TVHeadend DVB-S2 with nova hd usb2


I thought to play with TVHeadend yesterday. I have the following usb based sat receiver

I have installed The app from App store within OSMC, The web page is visible but under devices, i am unable to find it. Do you know if i need to add firmware/driver in OSMC or if the sat is supported at all.


Seems not supported

EDIT: got it mixed up its for DVB-T varient… :frowning: fzinken: you are right, its not supported yet…

I just investigated it further

on the following page

i see the firmware with the following link,

Would it be possible to use it, i can give it a try… but i dont know how the fw file useable.


Well Firmware is only the second step after first having the driver.
Post the URL of grab-logs -J