TVHeadend - Flickery

Since the upgrade of kodi, on TV headend the picture at the top and bottom looks jumpy/flickery

If i record the program and play it on vero4k its the same, but if i play it on laptop it plays normally

Is there a setting to correct this?

I have the TS file but dont know where to upload it

Looks like a potential issue with deinterlacing.

It would be good to get debug logs first.

Cheers sam, see below, didnt know if it was some setting

Need full logs --those seem to only be APT logs.

unsure, i enable logging, reboot twice then run grab-logs -A, before i ran grab-logs -a if theres a difference?

but now it doesnt show me a link


Where can i upload the log file?

Try again – was doing some maintenance on the paste server.

Don’t think you had debug logging on, so:

  • Was it an HD channel or SD?
  • Does this occur on all channels?



logging was enabled, top left side shows all info frame rate, memory etc

It was on channel 30 - 4music - SD, tried 42 - SD thats same

HD channels look fine

Change Accelerate MPEG2: Always to HD and Up.

Cheers Sam, that worked

Just dont remember any settings been changed after upgrade