TVHeadend for ATV1 - possible?

Hi team…is it possible to install TVHeadend on ATV1? I have Kodi 16.1 installed from the excellent instructions from here with Broadcom card…just when I go into OSMC and hit the App store…nothing happens…

Can install it manually? If so how?

I have a Vero 4 in the other room but now its winter we have moved to the small snug log burner room…can I install it on the Vero and then somehow watch live tv from the ATV1 in the other room?



Yes, you can install TV Headend on the Vero (which then acts as Server for your LAN) and watch on the ATV1 with the TVHeadend PVR Addon.

Thanks fzinken…excellent news!
I was just trying to understand how you view it from the ATV1…any guides out there please?

Thank you.


That would be as easy as pointing the TVHeadend addon to the server.
Check chapter 5.2 in this how to

Thanks for that…I have looked at it…

It was really a question of how do I install TVheadend on the ATV1 as there is no option in the Store app…or is it not required as I will have it on the Vero instead…or do you need it on both boxes to view live tv…

Just want to see if its possible before purchasing TV dongle…

Thanks again.


You would not need it on the ATV1 as you would install the Server on the Vero. The Client (TVHeadend PVR Addon) should already be installed on the ATV.

Thanks again fzinken…think that is what I have learned so far this morning!

So a final couple of questions please…on the usability of the TVHeadend…

On the ATV1 - can I change channels from the ATV1?
Can you view a different channel on the Vero4k in the other room at the same time?
With Kodi on my Mac…I assume I can view Live Tv on this as well?

Thanks again!



If you only have a single Tuner then you only can watch a channel on the Vero4k that uses the same MUX as the one you watch on the ATV.

Yes with the TVHeadend PVR Addon

Thank you…brilliant service!

So, I have a satellite dish, cable to old Humax (soon to be sidelined for TVHeadend)…other than the is there anything else I need to buy? I’m in NW France, satellite footprint is good for UK TV.



That Dongle is for DVB-T2 (terrestrial) not for Satellite.
But doesn’t your Humax not already support Sat -> IP?

I have a Foxsat HDR…I have networked it so can watch recorded programmes on KODI platforms…but live TV is V clunky.

Are you saying I can use the Humax as a server?

(and there I was thinking I knew what I was talking about…!?)


Well depending on which Humax you have but what I can see from Google there are Humax Sat -> IP Gateways

Thanks…I have the Foxsat HDR (8 years old)…feel like I am a bit out of my depth here…is there a way to connect the two together?


Seems that something should be possible

well…I’ve had a good surf around and there seems to be no cheap…sub£40…fix for this…currently have to manually tune Humax to a channel with its own remote in the other room, or use remote app…then click 0.ts after about 5 seconds…and then it plays the channel…as well as all the stored content on the Humax, all through Kodi…just not quite as snappy as I would like but I honestly don’t think there is anyway around this…