TVheadend HDHomerun epg source

Hi. I’ve been using osmc dvb-t tuners with Vero 4K and tvheadend for a while now; a solid setup with no issues. I recently moved house and have been playing with my HDHomerun connect as an alternative, tidier setup for this new space. I’d like to use HDHomeRun’s epg data via tvheadend rather than guide data pulled from one of the ota grabbers, as hdhomerun’s guide data is slightly richer and separates title/ plot info properly (similar to schedules direct) which is a bugbear of mine. Is this possible? Would it involve creating an HDHomeRun XMLTV file somehow, and grabbing that through tvheadend? Appreciate any advice on this. Thanks.

Not sure if it works but looks promising.
The first Google entry is

Ah thanks, will give this a go. I’d actually come across this post before but given my lack of knowledge, thought this was a LibreELEC specific workaround. Appreciate the response!

Well certain points (like the folder into which you download the script need to be adapted. But as the script link up with tvheadend I don’t see a reason why it would not work on OSMC

Hmm. No luck finding the specific tvheadend Kodi addon mentioned, so tried a different workaround. I used python command to create an hdhomerun.xml file as instructed (moved this to home/osmc/.xmltv folder). Then I edited an executable tv_grab_file, pointing it to hdhomerun.xml file path and moved it to /usr/bin, which shows up in tvheadend as an Internal XMLTV grabber, but isn’t scraping any epg data at all. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing? If not, I might just make it easy on myself and go back to osmc tuners.

You mean “Tvheanend Server 4.2 addon”?
My guess it he just means the PVR tvheadend Addon which you should already have installed

Oh. Maybe you’re right. I don’t see the options he refers to regarding xmltv source type and file location. I see those in something like iptv simple client for example, but not on osmc tvheadend pvr client.

  1. In KODI, go configure Tvheanend Server 4.2 addon
  2. Set XMLTV source type to FILE
  3. Set XMLTV File location to the location of the downloaded script (eg /storage/.config hdhomerun.xml)

Appreciate you taking the time though bud.

Maybe you want to PM this guy as he mentioned setup easy

Try this tutorial:

Thanks so much for this. I’m out and about over most of the weekend now but will definitely give this a go and report back.

Just had a look at the instructions and this feels achievable. One question before I start though - will this work for uk guide data, or just US/CAN? If only the latter, then I’m out of luck. Thanks.

I use and HDHomerun HDHR5-4DT at home. My TVH server is on a VM but all of my EPG is picked up using the OTA scrapers in TVH. This works for me but possibly lacks some of the nice pieces you were looking for. As long as you can find a source to pull the data from I can’t see why this wouldn’t work.

I haven’t looked into it too much but a quick look at the zap2it site shows it’s only available in the US and Canada.

Thanks man. Unfortunately the zap2epg method didn’t work. The Kodi addon is US/CAN lineups only. Think I’m gonna go back to osmc tv tuner and subscribe to schedules direct. Appreciate everyone’s help on this.

Ok, I did another check. I seems to refer to this addon which basically is just a TVHeadend configuration addon.

So maybe you try installing that addon while there may be other steps that needs adjustment

Thanks for the link fzinken. I had already tried downloading this addon and while it’s a good alternative to using tvheadend via a browser, it doesn’t offer any additional functionality from what I can see, including pointing to xmltv files referred to in your first link. I’ve given up and gone back to osmc tuners with tvheadend, a solid setup. Just wish schedules direct and tvheadend would play nice and process genres properly. Most of my epg is grey with patches of loud colour.