Tvheadend/Kodi Recordings

Recently I’ve been using the autorec function of tvheadend, to record the wife’s soap.
Comskip WAS working, it creates the edl file, but kodi doesn’t seem to pay attention to it.
So, I switched to a script, that uses comskip to generate the edl, then calls ffmpeg and cuts/removes the ads, it outputs an mp4 with the same name as the .ts, with both videos available in the recordings dir, kodi only sees the .ts.
Kodi recordings does not see the .mp4, is this a limitation of kodi, or a short circuit on my part?

With Kodi I assume you refer to the PVR part of Kodi? The PVR add on will only seem show what the PVR Server tells it to show and that would only know about the TS file. To see the files you created manually you would need to add them as source in Kodi.

What format does your edl use? I know that if I have a edl next to a file with the same name and it contains something like…
00:00:00:00 00:01:02:34 3
Then Kodi skips just over a minute of the beginning of the video (Kodi doesn’t seem to nail exact times). If your using 0 instead of 3 I thought I’d read somewhere that was broken. If the issue is the PVR then you might look at the add-on settings to see if it has configuration options for that. I’ve never used tvheadend but I know my PVR add-on has the option to tell it to use edl’s and an option to tell it where they are stored.

ok, should have been more specific.
TVH records to /mnt/recordings, kodi sees that as a recording, The.Soap.ts, but does not see The.Soap.mp4.
I’ve changed the script to only output a .ts file, we’llsee how that goes

here’s the edl:
241.27 312.91 3
2084.18 2174.87 3
3225.89 3301.56 3
3499.93 3596.99 3