TVHeadend - lit bit confuse

Hello to every one

I’m trying to configure TVheadend like a stupid 20 € dvb-t decoder (Italia) but i have a lot of problem with program number: they do not respect the order i get on television

I running osmc on raspberry pi 3 and tv tunner is the one of raspberry (multipin connection)

Thanks for help in advance


If the numbers are correct in the TVH webui, then in Kodi: Settings->Live TV->General->Use channel numbers from backend.

In fact, the things i do not understand is that in TVH not all number are correct: the main channel have the right number but i got a lot of other channe that have the same number of the main channel. On tv this do not happens

You had better check the TVH forum Forums - Tvheadend and/or search in Italian to get advice on DVB-T in your country.

Just an idea: Check the network item, you must be in expert view mode. Here an DVB-C example

If it was unselected, activate it, remove all channels and remap them from the services.

Yes it is configured ad shown bu i get this

I had to disable the unwanted…