Tvheadend PCTV 292e-usbstick, OSMC vs. Raspbian

Hello all of you.

I know this question seems a bit odd or off topic for this forum, but after been all over the internet for a solution and i’ll ended up here, asking people who migth know the solution.
My issue is that i have a PCTV 292e Triple-stick DVB-T/T2/C and tvheadend on my Raspberry Pi2. (Everything has been updatet and upgraded)

If i use OSMC- tvheadend-292e combination, it will show 2 adapters (DVB-T, DVB-C) in tvheadend’s “configure dvb”-Tab and everything is fine.
But if i set up a Raspbian Wheezy with tvheadend and 292e it will only show 1 adapter (DVB-T)…?!
I’ve compiled the same tvheadend-version as OSMC uses and also it seems to be the same versions of firmware that’s been loaded, but the result it’s excactly the same: Only 1. adapter (DVB-T) will be shown. I’ve tried every suggestion i’ve found, but with no luck.
I want a secondary Raspberr Pi 2 running next to my OSMC, that’s why i ended up with question. Then i can do experiments without jeopardys my OSMC. :stuck_out_tongue:
So is there anyone in here who might know the secret is, that make’s tvheadend connect to /dev/dvb/adapter0 so it will reweal and use DVB-T and DVB-C or what it will takes to make a Wheezy-tvheadend solution that works…?