TVHeadend & sky tv

Hi. I’m thinking of subscribing to a basic sky tv package with HD channels. Am I right in thinking I’d be able to get sky channels (including HD) into kodi’s Epg via TVHeadend using a dvb-s tuner on vero 4k? If so, is there a recommended dvb-s tuner that works well with vero 4k? Haven’t been able to find any concrete answers to this on forums so hoping someone can offer some advice. Thanks in advance.

Sky is encrypted I believe, so DVB-S for encrypted channels is a no-no.
But DVB-S/S-2 tuners can get you Freesat, which is like satellite based Freeview (Astra 28.2E)

So I think you would get basic channels, and I think some Sky channels are available, but not many.


Damn that’s a shame. Thanks for the info Sam.