Tvheadend working with OSMC.?

I’m trying to get tvheadend working with my setup… I have.

Raspberry pi 2
PCTV 290a

It works fine out of the box with openelec but I can’t seam to get it to work at all with OSMC…
Is the OSMC version in the App Store working at the moment.?

There are several threads here that address tvheadend problems. The details pertaining to “can’t seem to get it to work at all” are important in determining if this is an existing issue that’s already been addressed in another thread, or something entirely different.

Ok, apologies…

It recognises that I have a tuner installed and the folder shows up under Tvheadend, but it doesn’t appear to show the actual tuner device…

are you sure its a 290a, I cant find any info on it atall, are you sure its not a 290e ?

Yes, It’s the PCTV Nanostick 290e

My mistake

thought so lol so from what I can tell your stick doesnt need any firmware etc to run and allot of people have had trouble with the appstore version I would try installing tvheadend manually

there is a very good post here with details on how to do it here, obviously just skip the bits about other stick / firmwares

see how you get on

I did try that tutorial before i posted. Unfortunately no change…

It’s a shame as it works straight away with OpenELEC… I just find that OSMC runs nicer and would love to use it in stead…

it will be something silly I have seen your stick mentioned allot and seems it well supported in Linux so I dont think it will be much to get you going.

if you pull your stick out and put t back in can you post what the last few lines of dmesg command says worth seeing if the pi is recognising it properly

I believe you should see something similar to this:

24742.813920] TDA18271HD/C2 detected @ 8-0060 [24742.981302] DVB: registering new adapter (em28174 #0) [24742.981313] usb 1-2: DVB: registering adapter 4 frontend 0 (Sony CXD2820R)... [24742.984337] em28174 #0: Successfully loaded em28xx-dvb [24742.984343] Em28xx: Initialized (Em28xx dvb Extension) extension

OK… So…

i un-installed TVHeadend from the App store and then from Kodi Addons… Then re-installed from the app store and it appears to be working now…


good to hear :smiley:

Thanks for you help…

@ MortUK

I would like to try the Tvheadend back end from the Kodi Addons, but can’t find it - probably because I am looking in the wrong place. Would be very grateful if you could clarify where to find it.


If you go into the “OSMC Settings” app in Kodi… It’s in the app store there…

@ MortUK

I must be misreading your earlier post - I thought you were implying you could download a different version from Kodi Addons. Sorry about that.


Yes, I did download a different one although i think that’s what i did wrong… I needed to download the one from the app store…

@ MortUK:

I (and others) have not had much luck with the App Store versions, and am wondering whether the other version you installed left something behind when you uninstalled and re-installed the App Store version. I would therefore like to try reproducing your sequence to see whether it is reproducible, with the aim of identifying what is wrong with the App Store version for the OSMC team.


i didn’t get app store version work. so I installed it this way:

I copied A-link usb adapters firmware(dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw) to /lib/firmware/

Tvheadend server installation:

add line end of the /etc/apt/sources.list
deb Index of /stable/ wheezy main

osmc@osmc:~$ sudo su -
root@osmc:~# curl | sudo apt-key add -
root@osmc:~# apt-get update
root@osmc:~# apt-get install tvheadend

i know it’s wheezy version but works :smile:


OK, so i first installed the app store version, I was waiting for my USB tuner to arrive in the mail so didn’t set up the system straight away. I then played around a bit and installed the Kodi-PVR version, so would probably have had both on the system.?

When my tuner arrived i plugged it i and had no luck getting it to work.

I then uninstalled the Kodi PVR version and the app store version.

Then reinstalled the app store version and it worked fine…

Maybe this will help someone…