Two Crashers & A Rehash


• replicable crashing when trying to set fanart on a specific movie (“Killer of Sheep”). resolved by removing that movie from library and re-adding, then setting the fanart. [it seems it was trying to access an extra that I’d moved in the FS]. But for the record (at the end of kodi.log.old)? [

• possilby in the same log above, an issue of not being able to open any program add-ons, including My OSMC.

• replicable crashing when trying to launch a MAME game through Internet Archive add-on. Unresolved. First try at the Kodi 18 emulator support. maybe doing it wrong… kodi.log.old.

A Rehash:

Again, what should we make of the several “orphaned” OSMC components/libraries one sees in “manage dependencies”?