Two issues updating Vero 4k+

I updated first with a large library. Update success. Database migration after two hours, I decided to reboot via terminal.

Vero wont boot. Download image off and reinstall on Vero.

Boot vero, setup wifi, etc. Download update. Update fails halfway through on an unknown process. Reboots after 30 seconds.

Boot back up, download update again. Installs to 100% and reboots to no HDMI signal at the moment.

What should I do?

Running the command seems to have brought back the display and can confirm in OSMC app I am on April 2019.04-1. Lets see if I can reboot

echo 422now | sudo tee /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

Currently: Unable to download any of the addons needed to customize the default OSMC skin

I’m looking in to this now.

I’m up and going. It picked UHD resolution so I switched back to 1080p at 60hz.

Looks like I am all updated but I cannot edit the skin, it won’t allow me to download any of the recommended addons.

Error with Skin Shortcuts addon. Installation failed. Then it suggests Skin Helper Service. Installation failure too.


Sorry to hear about the update issues.

There seems to be a corner case with a few TVs. I don’t think you’d have needed to reinstall. We’re building a fix which will be ready in a couple of hours and prevent the need to make these changes.


Can you clarify what you mean by this?


I only reinstalled because I rebooted while the database migration was in process. It was taking forever! I lost ssh ability after over an hour


Something may have gone wrong there.
Do you have a large library?

I did. This is the newly updated logs after I did a fresh install and a manual update after up and running. Installed nada

Very weird I cannot download any packages to setup the osmc skin.

Fresh from the press:

It’s actually any add-on as a matter of fact. I wonder if it’s still trying to pull from the Kodi 17 repo.

For some reason I am on Kodi 18.2-RC1. Starting to think there is something wrong with my hardware.

Trying to reinstall OSMC again from the factory image from Dec.

I can no longer install the factory version and revert to stock. Tried everything. Showing waiting for filesystem on /vero/nand/root and it never finds my USB devices.

I think I just killed my Vero4k+…

back on Kodi 17… not a single thing installed on the vero. going to try to update to 18 again.

That is correct and has been explained across a couple of posts.

I don’t think your hardware is faulty. But we need some more information from you.

That’s crazy! 1574mb free memory. I like it!