Two Skin issues

I just tried the May update and was looking forward for :fast_forward: accelerated playback.

(fitting screenshot for the OSMC skinners) But the blue bar still won’t leave me alone after a few seconds. :wink:

The second issue has no priority for me but is just something I stumbled upon.
When you set the overlay opacity to low the default lime green overlay seems to be white.

CC @Chillbo

Don’t really get what the issue is here. Sorry. Could you explain in more detail?

Will look into that. Must be a bug that I’ve overlooked.

The progress bar used to disappear after a few seconds but when playback is accelerated it stays visible through the entire video.

I can’t reproduce that issue here. Can anyone else?

Originally, the status did never disappear. We introduced a setting to configure whether it disappears after a certain amount of time you can choose in our skin settings. But that setting is only applying to pause. During FF or RW it makes sense to show the status bar all the time to be able to see where one is forwarding or rewinding to…

The opacity issue happens on a Pi 3. I also can’t reproduce it on a pc with the latest skin. I noticed it on the first official 18.0 release on a different Pi but didn’t found it worthy to report.

I’m not sure if we are talking the same thing. I’m talking about the bar when the tempo up function is used. Play speed from 0.8 times to 1.5x speed with audio output from the speakers.
It makes sense that the seek bar does not disapear when fast forwarding at 2x, 4x, 8x etc speeds.
On Estuary the bar disappears after about 4 seconds but I have no idea how that’s done.

I’ve figured it out. In the DialogSeekBar.xml I only had to remove Player.IsTempo in the visible section. So It’s kept in FF en RW the entire time and now hides nice after a few secs in faster playback.