UDP Latency / Cache size

I am sending multicast/udp stream from a PC to a Vero4K and am trying to lower the source to display latency. Right now it is about 9 seconds difference between the source monitor and the OSMC playback. In comparison, VLC on Win7 is about 2.5 seconds, omxplayer on RPi3 is slightly lower latency than Win7. I tried some setting changes (advancedsettings.xml see below), but no noticeable difference.

     <!--- The three settings will go in this space, between the two cache tags. --->

I have two goals in mind; Main goal is to have several monitors play the same video at once. Since there can never be zero source-to-destination latency what I am planning to do is have several OSMC players playing from source. Second goal is to reduce latency as much as possible, if this is to some minimum floor than it would also solve main goal.

AMLogic needs a few seconds of buffer before we get frames out. Unfortunately I’m not sure how real time you would be able to get it


Hmm, that’s unfortunate, but thanks it’s useful. I was hoping/guessing AMLogic would be the fastest, but thankfully I’m not tied to it or anything.

It is not a speed issue; but rather the design of the video decoder. AMLogic likes to have big buffers

I have an idea on how to reduce it, but it could have detrimental effects on other types of content or network scenarios.

On Vero 4K you can probably just disable HW acceleration for something more real time in the interim.