UHD Blu-ray BDMV folder/file structure playback

Does the Vero 4K + support playback of BDMV folder/file structure?

I’ve backed-up the majority of my UHD Blu-rays into an AVCHD/BDMV folder/file structure using MakeMKV.

I’ve backed-up in this format because my primary playback device is an Oppo 203 which requires a full backup for Dolby Vision support and has a bug with Dolby Atmos for movies in MKV containers.

If it does support this, then what is the user-experience like? Will it automatically search and find these movies just like the MKV files in my library?

I play them all the time. When you highlight the movie you want , instead of hitting “OK” on the remote, press the button with the three dots and three lines. It will bring up a menu and just hit “Play”.


I Just want to add that the same procedure work s for DVD in File structure.

Do I need to do anything special for OSMC to identify these BDMV structures as Movies when it scans my file share?

If each of your rips are in their own folder with a proper name, and the share has the “Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title” option selected, then it should work the same as if you were using any other format.

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