UHD ISO playback?

I searched the forum but dind’t found an answer. Is there a possibility to play ultra hd iso files? I tried one but when I start play nothing happens.

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I think libbluray needs updating to support the 4K UHD structure.

The main feature itself should be playable, but I suspect Kodi won’t be able to parse the ISO properly yet.


Hi Sam,

thanks for the information, maybe in a future version will be supported…



Is there a quicker way of playing the main feature without navigating through the file manager until you get to the stream folder and search for the largest file in the long list? Can you short cut to it so you can play straight from the front screen by clicking the artwork?

Unfortunately not yet. Ripping 4K UHD discs is still a very novel feature. This will likely change in the future.

how do i even play the feature with navigating through the file manager?
“kodi > video > files > …” doesn’t work for me…