UI auto hide when paused

I’ve noticed that when a video is paused, the UI controls and title are visible on the display. This creates a problem sometimes since when watching lectures and taking down notes, you cannot visually access the complete screen despite of the title and controls being partially transparent. Is there any way to hide the UI completely when a video is paused? I appreciate the help; am a new user of OSMC.

Just hit the back button, should get rid of the ui (never tried)

Tried it; doesn’t work. The back button takes you back to select the files to play…

If I press the pause button on my remote, the movie gets paused without the ui.
also the back button should close the ui if it is open. I think you hit the exitbutton?

This is under the bello skin though. Don’t know the behaviour of others here.

Nope, I’m definitely sure I didn’t hit the exit button. It doesn’t work with the default OSMC skin. I tried the Bello skin, and voila! It works, but not with the deafult OSMC skin though… Thanks for suggesting the skin mcobit.