UK 'catch up' ie C4 Player - possible

Will it be possible to access the current crop of UK internet tv content directly, without the need for plug ins ?

Presumably this could be done via a browser but I read on the other forum that there may be issues.

Having the full set of ‘players’ would be handy.

Hi David,

This is heavily dependent on what platform you’re enjoying OSMC on. In the future, I suspect depending on the user’s choice of country, we’ll offer some convenient localisation options such as recommended addons and an easy way to install them via our app store.

Web browser support is only planned for Vero at this time



Cheers Sam. At the moment I have Raspbmc on the Pi and hope to take one of your Vero’s too so that might be cool.

The ability to watch catch-up via the internet add’s significantly to the value of the Vero offer (for me!).

ps. I have to say that what you have achieved with your projects is deeply impressive. Good luck for the future.

Thanks for the kind words.

I’m working on improving Vero’s ability to access online content