UK TV Streams on Pi3

I’ve searched for hours before posting this but I’ll apologise if I’ve missed the answer.

The video process info shows the video frame rate as 25fps, whereas the same stream on Vero4k shows 50fps. The behaviour is the same on these devices when updated to Buster.

Is this a limitation of the Pi3 or could I have something wrong in my setup? I suspect the former but would like to know for sure.

It should be played at 50fps. You will get smoother playback. Post debug logs so we can check your settings.

Here’s the log from a clean install I did. I noticed while checking that player process initially shows the video stream as 50fps but it changes to 25fps after a few seconds. My telly stays on 50Hz. The same thing happens when starting to watch a recording.

Picture quality looks good but credits don’t scroll smoothly. I haven’t watched sports in it.

Thanks for looking into this.

Adjust display refresh rate: Off

Try changing this to On start/stop

Sorry, forgot to set this on the clean install. New log follows but it hasn’t fixed it.

To be clear, I’m not talking about refresh rate switching - that’s working without problem. What I’m saying is where I’m seeing for example 704x576px,1.78AR 50.000FPS, it changes in a few seconds of playing to 25.000FPS. This definitely only happens on the Pi.

New log

I saw the change occur at 10:43 if that helps.

Is playback on both devices working fine for you? I ask as I have the same setup and both devices playback UK freeview recordings fine for me.

I faintly recall, probably going back a few years now, there was an anomaly with the Vero incorrectly reporting double frame rate for interlaced recordings.

I believe the Pi3 is reporting 25fps correctly. UK freeview is broadcast at 25fps.

Indeed it is. Because the Vero4K (and CoreELEC) shows it at 50, I thought it was transmitted at 50fps. Now i know this not to be, i’m happy that my Pi is behaving properly and can stop imagining that it’s showing an inferior picture quality. To be frank, that was something I was starting to doubt anyway.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your post. I would never have thought to challenge what I thought without you. Incidentally, my pi initially shows 50 and then corrects it to 25 in video process info “0”. Vero 4K does the opposite. Is that the same for you?