Unable to adjust audio offset beyond 600ms

Hi guys,
quick summary:
I’m currently using the latest OSMC (2016.04-1) on a Raspberry Pi2.

Im using a method to output the audio via http stream which works perfectly, although there is a 1 second delay on the audio…no big problem as all i have to do is manually adjust the audio offset to +1 second, and its perfectly in sync.

What I’m trying to achieve is to globally offset the audio via advanced settings.xml

My understanding is that using this entry should achieve this :
< video>
< latency>
< delay>-1000</ delay>
</ latency>
< /video>

Edit: The spaces at the beginning of the tags are only there as this forum seems to remove the tags altogether if they aren’t there…my full advanced settings.xml can be viewed here:

However this only achieves an offset of -600ms…infact any offset beyond -600ms has the same result.
Then i only have to manually adjust it 400ms to achieve synced video and audio, but I’m wondering is this the expected behaviour?

As a test I’ve tried this entry using Kodi 16 on OSX , and it works as expected, it offsets the audio by exactly 1 second.

As a workaround on my OSMC Pi, I’ve manually entered a 1 second offset via the gui, and used the ‘set as default for all media’ option which seems to have achieved what I’m after, but i don’t know if there are any negatives to using this approach.

This behaviour occurs on Live TV, any media i view via add ons, and all my locally stored media.

Any input is appreciated, thanks.

Judging by the code (and that line of code hasn’t changed for four years):

you won’t be able to set video->latency->delay to more than 600ms (not even on OSX).

So, ignore that and set from the GUI and enable “set as default for all media”.

Use the preformatted button to mark your input as such and it will be displayed fine without the need to add spaces

Just tried it again on OSX and you’re correct, i mustve already had an offset saved for that channel hence the confusion.

I take it there are no negative effects of using this approach?
Just out of interest why is it limited like that in advanced settings.xml, yet its achievable in the gui?

Regardless, many thanks for the swift confirmation.

will do in future , cheers for the tip.