Unable to boot OSMC on Pi 1B+ board

Hi Guys, Need a bit of help here. Ive used RaspbMC and OSMC for quite a while on my Pi 1 B+ and not had any trouble installing. I set up a new Pi 3 board in our main room last year and that is working fine.

I decided to Install on to the Old B+ systems for the bedrooms

The installation seams to go ok from what I can remember. But then the screen goes blank and nothing happens. When I looked on the cark on my windows 10 pc after install, there were only 4 files there. 3 txt files, cmdline, config and install and preseed.cfg file

Can anyone help as this has had me completely baffled for the last 5 hours

You certain you are using the pi1 image from the installer?

Yep, download on osmc installer for raspberry pi1 & zero

If OSMC installs successfully, you will know it. Take a photo of your board and the tv screen output

These are my pics after instal the screen is just black. The install seams to go ok and completes to the end of the progress bar

Ok guys. Finally managed to solve this 1. The problem was a faulty sd card. Got a new card and it worked straight out of the box

Thanks fort your help anyway