Unable to connect to wifi

I am trying to setup a brand new osmc installation on my pi with the latest version (2021.08-1) while the instalation itself works, it is unable to connect to the wifi. when going to my osmc wireless section to try and reconfigure it i get an uncaught error as well.

Attached is the debug log from this happening, i did find my wifi password in there so i removed that, but i double checked and this was indeed the correct password.

trying to get to the cli by hitting the esc key when the splash screen is shown did not work either so i’m not able to try and connect from the cli either, did the way you boot into the cli change in this update?


For now – you can install and not select the WiFi configuration option in the OSMC installer.

i’m sorry but this does not seem like any kind of solution to the issue? or can i just not use the wifi in the installer and will this allow me to setup the wifi manually after?

Yes, you should not configure WiFi during the Installer then you should be able to join your Wifi via MyOSMC after the initial boot.

I ran into the exact same problem. It is now February 2022.

I am glad to have found this advice, before I got very far in setting up OSMC. I restarted the installation from scratch, and now my new OSMC system can connect to WiFi. Hurray!

When I couldn’t get connected wirelessly, I plugged-in an Ethernet cable and started installing addons. But then I got more and more concerned, when further attempts to connect to WiFi continue to fail with unhandled exceptions. I booted up the same hardware but under Raspbian, and then I got WiFi connection. So, I ruled out any hardware issues.

Apparently, it is critical to have Internet connection during the initial system setup. Without being online, the setup simply terminates prematurely but without any error message. (I realized this only later on the second-try installation, when I saw that there were more steps to go.) So, the user ends up with a broken installation and not know it, at least for the time being.

Until the development team fixes the installation Wi-Fi connection failure, (and this is applicable even after the connection bug is fixed), the development team might tweak the setup program to allow the user a chance to hookup an Ethernet cable, before it just bails-out silently.

We haven’t seen reports of this. You will only have issues if you use the preseeding functionality and this will be fixed shortly.