Unable to control the volume of the bluetooth device - Bose revolve plus

I have the last OSMC distribution on a Raspberry pi 4.
My Bose Revolve + bluetooth speaker is connected but the volume is too low.
The problem is that I cannot control the volume of this Bluetooth device when I press the speaker button to increase or decrease the volume.

Thanks for your help.

Just to clarify, I have never had this problem with other devices like Android, Mac OS, blueray player…
Is there a non compatibility with this Bose speakers ?

Is Kodi’s internal volume reduced similar to this issue?


With your advice, i have installed the official remote application for androïd on my phone and i can now control the volume, thanks.
But unfortunately when it is at 100% it is still very low, even when I plug the raspberry into the speaker with a mini jack.
Is there a control to increase the volume?

The Raspberry Pi output isn’t really a DAC, so this is somewhat expected. There are some HAT add-ons which can be used to improve audio output.

It might also be configurable with ALSA (amixer) – but I’m not completely certain


When I plug this speaker into the raspberry with a mini jack, I have no problem, I can control the volume from it or from the remote app and the sound is powerful as expected with this speaker.
It’s really a bluetooth problem.

Perhaps the solution would be to use a bluetooth dongle plugged into the raspberry?

I don’t see that using an external Bluetooth adapter would change anything unfortunately.

  1. Login to your osmc device with ssh
  2. install alsa-utils (“sudo apt install alsa-utils”)
  3. type “alsamixer -D bluealsa” and your terminal should show the AlsaMixer that allows you to adjust the mysterious 43% default volume to 100%