Unable to copy mysql MyMusic72.db from Vero 4k+ to Windows

I’ve set up Kodi to use a mysql database on a Vero 4k+ and I’ve also set Kodi clients up on a Win10 and Pi4 so I know it works.

I’m trying to copy the MyMusic72.db file from the Vero 4k+ to Windows so I can run an experimental python script that basically imports my playcounts from Last.fm (Kodi.tv forum link). I know the script works more or less because I’ve used it before when I just had a single (non-mysql) Kodi on the Vero 4k+.

I can use Putty on Windows to get to /var/lib/mysql/MyMusic72 (folder) but it won’t let me go any further. I can also use VNC on the Pi4 to get to the same folder but again I can’t go any further. “Permission denied”

I’ve exhausted my very limited knowledge and unsure how to proceed, or even if I can. Is it a file permissions problem or maybe mysql (mariadb) is blocking me from getting into that folder?

I’m open to any advice/suggestions.



  1. Please be aware that for Mysql there is nothing like a “.db” file. A “.db” is what Kodi use when using a Sqlite file (which is in your ~/.kodi/userdata/Database folder). Mysql has several files that are in the respective Database Folder that you point out above

  2. The folders in the /var/lib/mysql/ folder belong to the user/group mysql with no read rights for the normal user so to copy them you would need to login via ssh and copy them with sudo

  3. For what you have in mind copying the mysql files is the wrong approach. If you want to do a copy before playing with your script use either mysqldump or something like phpmyadmin to export the database.

Thanks! I’ll look into what you’ve suggested.