Unable to load OSMC result black screen

many, many attempts
3 diff USB sticks load OSMC Apple TV 1.
always end up w black screen TV no signal

Did you select the correct image when installing?

How would I know?
which is the correct image?

I had the ATV 1 connected to tv via componet cables. When Switched to HDMI OSMC LOADED completely. Went thru set up menu. Selected updates. After the update I was introduced to the sad face.

Did you configure OSMC for component output? This is a manual step on Apple TV.
Unfortunately it’s tricky because you seem to be posting multiple different reports on a variety of mediums. For example, on Faceobook you said that the device does not turn on beyond a black screen, but now it seems you have a sad face. In which case, you should be able to retreive a log.

Hey Sam,
Reinstalled w USB
Back in business
Now to learn how to use it
Later I will attempt the code for component. Only reason I would use component is that I have a component input not being used.
By the way how does one retrieve a log from a sad face screen?

SSH into the ATV.

And then follow this advice: How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Guys, can someone help. I did a RESTORE on the Apple Tv, and now the entire thing is completely unresponsive. Completely BLACK screen. Nothing. First, it was making the bong sound as if there was the menu there but the screen was black and I could see nothing. But now the bong sound doesn’t even go off. But, the remote and Apple TV itself seem to be working. I’ve unplugged, pressed both buttons on the remote to “reset”, etc., but I don’t see anything but black on the tv screen. How can I get back to seeing something on the tv screen even to reset/set the settings?