Unable to mount autofs share from qnap


Im unable to mount my shared form my QNAP
here are the logs

all help is greatly appreciated, who can help please.

thank you

That log is only APT log.

You would need to provide grab-logs -A (that a capital A).

While also the output of the testing as it is described in the thread would be more helpful

here is the log,


i get the following error

2019-11-30 04:59:32.593 T:3591631584 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting nfs://
2019-11-30 04:59:32.622 T:3591631584 ERROR: NFS: Failed to mount nfs share: /Account (mount/mnt call failed with “RPC error: Mount failed with error MNT3ERR_ACCES(13) Permission denied(13)”)

i do not know how to specify my username and password in nfs mode based on the example on the autofs how to guide



Standard NFS doesn’t use a username and password. I suspect it may be related to which IPs are allowed to access the share, more details can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

so in the qnap setting for nfs, i just put the ip of the vero 4k on step #7?


Yes but only if the vero4k is the only client device that need to access the share, it may be better (assuming the vero4k is in the same network as the nas) to set the ip to:

192.168.3.* or

They both do the same, it will let any device your network access the share.

Thanks Tom.

NFS protocol does not support username/password authentication… this was always implemented via kerberos

and to mount again and again it’s not the best choice
just mount the NFS share via /etc/fstab it will look like this more or less:

<IP_NFS_SVR>:/yoursharefolder /home/osmc/Movies nfs ro,udp
example: /home/osmc/Movies nfs ro,udp

where is ur NFS server that have the share folders (u can set this by editing exports file), /home/osmc/Movies is ur destination of mount. and nfs is the protocol while ro,udp is for read only and using UDP as its transport protocol.

if using QNAP use CIFS v2

is working now!!

thank you!!!


autofs doesn’t keep trying to mount, unless the mount goes away, or is no longer in use. That’s why autofs is more robust than fstab mounts.

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good to know

BTW, this is not using autofs, this is using the Kodi build in nfs access.
Not sure if you updated your sources afterwards

Hi, you guys are correct is not using autofs, Im having issues with 4k files of over 40gb. they ocasionally stutter.


You have to remove your existing sources and replace them with local Filesystem ones pointing to /mnt/qnapcautilli/Videos