Unable to mount or access 2nd partition on 64GB SD card

This is a pretty basic question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere yet. I’ve just installed OSMC on a 64GB SDXC card using the installer for OSX. After booting up the Raspberry Pi to complete the OSMC installation, I put the SD card back in my MacBook in order to manually transfer some media files.

However, while Disk Utility shows two partitions (a ~255 MB partition and a 63.6GB partition), only the smaller partition mounts, and I’m unable to mount the partition containing the bulk of my storage capacity. How do I fix this so that I can transfer media files from my computer to my SD card, (i.e. so that they can be accessed by OSMC when it’s running on the Pi)?


Yes, I’ve read that thread. It doesn’t answer my question though.

The 63GB partition is ext4 format. I don’t think that a Mac can read ext4 without additional software.

The larger partition contains the bulk of the OSMC system. It’s formatted as an EXT4 linux filesystem. I don’t use Apple products so I have no idea the steps you would take to mount it on your Mac. I’m sure google can provide plenty of knowledge though.

Rather than put the SD into the Mac to transfer the files, you could transfer the files from the Mac to The Pi via your network. Look at SCP/(s)FTP protocol for this.

SCP is built into the Mac but needs to be done from the command line, FTP may be easier if you use something like FileZilla but you’ll need to go into the OSMC App Store to enable FTP first. Normally I recommend SCP over FTP as you don’t need to enable anything on OSMC but I don’t know of a nice graphical SCP client for the Mac.

If the Mac can support NFS or Samba, that might be an ever better solution :wink:

Thanks for the help guys. I had (falsely) assumed that the lo-tech solution (physically moving the SD to another computer to transfer media) would be easier to get me started, but apparently not.

I currently have RasPlex working very nicely but I might try SCP/ FTP as jb suggested if I get bored and decide to give OSMC another shot.