Why is space of SDcard only 239 MB from 30 GB after installation OS OSMC? Is sdcard only a must for OS?

Hi all, i have probably one silly question, but I am not a power user, just ordinary user of my RPI 2.
Device will come next week. I only want to use it as media center for streaming movies from my 2 TB usb 3 external harddrive and as a WEB browser on my Samsung led tv .
I just bought this expensive super fast card Kingston Micro SDHC 32GB UHS-I U3 write 80 Read 90

I format the card in Windows to NTSF format. It s size is approximatly 30 GB
Then i downloaded the instaler for OSMC for Windows.
After instalation, the card has FAT 32 format, its full size is now “only” 239 MB, used size is 147 MB and free space is 92 MB.

So I guess that SD card is only for operation system, am i right? Therefore there will be “never” space 30 GB for me available anymore as for external storage i quess, am i right?

But i am very sad from it, because i thought that i could except of operation system also put photos and movies straight to sd card, so i could take my Pi anywhere and enjoy photos with friends, grandparents …

So i will need always a small usb drive too as an external storage that will contain my files, photos and videos, am i right?

Its only a minor part of the SD card that is fat32, the rest of the card is in ext4 i belive that windows without extra software dont recognize so there is still space on your card for videos etc and the easiest way to transfer them from a windows computer would be via for example running a samba server on your raspberry that will be available in osmcs app store when its hits stable.

@IvanB This was asked earlier and there is a logical explanation for why it only uses 239 MB

Read it here… Space Used for OSMC on SD Card for Windows - Pi 2 Installation

ty for both replies.
today i finally received my Rpi 2 from www.pollin.de
it took 5 working days to get it from DHL.
I instaled OSMC and updated it by manual updates
I am pretty impressed with performance.
Then i removed SD card form RPI , i put my personal files on it and i was able to use it as i desired.
Great software. All best for developers.
Now i only will have to wait for functional WEB browser as so far no sign in App store.
I am patient and i hope developers will provide for OSMC web browser as soon as possible.

To transfer files from the PC to the Pi you probably don’t want to keep taking the SD card out and putting it into the PC. You can transfer these over the network.

Something like WinSCP software is probably easiest as it’ll work with default settings but you can also set up Samba/SMB sharing so that you can drag/drop from windows

What if i do want to always be removing the sd card? My rasp is usually being used as an HTTP and FTP server, but sometimes I use one other sd card to watch content on TVs.
What good software should i use to read the ext partition? on windows and put content there?

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