Unable to pair Vero 4K Bluetooth with Harmony remote

I have had no problems with this until I reinstalled OSMC from scratch (I had been having issues that reinstalling fixed). Now everytime I try and pair it it fails. Log at http://paste.osmc.tv/kecirexoyo.

I would appreciate some suggestions.

PS usual steps of rebooting Harmony Hub and Vero done.


Are you familiar with SSH?
It may be easier to do this via the command line if you are having problems with the GUI


I’ve not used it with the Vero but comfortable following instructions.

This should cover everything in detail: Enabling bluetooth - #30 by DBMandrake.


I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on

Solved. Works a treat now. Thanks

I’m glad to hear this. It’s unclear why it didn’t work when using the UI, but if it stays working, it shouldn’t matter.