Unable to scrap database

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is well!
Whenever I try to update/scrap my library I keep on getting this error “Could not download information. Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?”
There’s connection to the NAS drive because I can access and play content, I just can’t get any meta data.
Please find the logs at: https://paste.osmc.tv/mamikalola

If anyone has any ideas at all, that’d be a big help. :slight_smile:
Many thanks in advance!

Are you using the TMDB scraper?
If so – probably related: Cannot download any artwork from tmdb

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the fast response!
I may be a little confused ahah, I was using the TMDB to scrap everything but have just changed and tried using IMDB however the error still presents. :frowning: does this mean we need to wait for a workaround (which is fine :slight_smile: ) or could there be any steps I could take in the time being?