Unable to set Live TV>General>Enabled ON, I can't get the cursor to go there

I have the GPU Codecs enabled (although they are shown in red?).
I have tvheadend HTSP client configured correctly and enabled to a remote server running ubuntu 14.04, I can connect to this server from another client running Kodi under ubuntu 14.04.
The network link and internet show as connected and I can play videos from the internet on my new Pi 2 OSMC.
But I can’t click on Settings>Live TV>General>Enabled button, the button disappears when I try to move the cursor towards it. I am using OSMC skin and I can’t change to the Confluence skin for the same reason.
Is there another way of setting the Enabled button function ON, even if it is convoluted?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Brian.

So I tried again and again to set LiveTV>General>Enabled ON , no luck. So I tried to change the skin again, no luck. In desperation and rage I hit the keyboard with all my fingers at once and a black and white screen appeared saying: “Do you really what to change to Confluence skin”, I quickly select Yes and Confluence appeared, just as rapidly I selected LiveTV>General>Enabled and clicked the button and now I have live TV.
For all that it’s a wonderful product, thanks to all concerned.
Problem solved but I have no idea how I got there.