Unable to sign in on Discourse Hub app

I am unable to login to the OSMC Discourse when using the Discourse iOS app Discourse Hub. On the “Authorize application access” page the “Authorize” button is does nothing when clicked.

I have used this app to successfully login to other Discourse sites (like the NixOS and Fedora instances), but I notice that the OSMC logo appears over the top of the text on this page, so perhaps an OSMC specific styling bug is preventing that button from working correctly…

Can you try and turn the phone landscape and see if it does anything?

Same problem when landscape I’m afraid. I’ve tried zooming the page too, but the button simply does nothing… :confused:

I’m not sure that’s the issue then.

We’re running a very recent version of Discourse, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Same issue for me.
Works fine on iPad (although this is an iPad Air that is on an older version of iOS) but not on iPhone with current iOS.

I can try on an iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 15.

It doesn’t work. I’ve mentioned this to @TheHacker66.