Unable to transfer large files from Windows 10 to USB attached drive over SAMBA

Hey gents, hoping someone can help me further troubleshoot.

Just recently, I’ve been unable to transfer large files from my Windows 10 PC to a NTFS attached drive on the Vero4K over SAMBA. This error occurs when the files are are roughly over 3GB (not exactly sure on size), files under this transfer fine. I can transfer files of any size from the Vero4K to the Windows 10 PC over SAMBA, but not the over way around.

After a minute or two of initiating a transfer on Windows, I get an error message on windows that states “Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred” with the options of trying again, skipping, or cancelling. I have to cancel the transfer to be able to start browsing the SAMBA share again.

A few further points:

  • Has been working fine without issue for the past 8+ months until last week.
  • The USB Drive is 6TB and has its own power-source and is formatted as NTFS.
  • I am using the OSMC SAMBA server application to share the drive.
  • I can transfer files of any size from the Vero to my PC without issue.
  • Vero4K is running the latest firmware.
  • I can ping the Vero4K successfully from my Windows 10 PC when trying to transfer a file to it, despite the SAMBA share looking like its timing out.
  • Both the vero and Windows PC are connected to a router via Ethernet.

Can you post some logs from the OSMC side?

As an aside FTP will be faster.

Please post the URL of grab-logs -A so that we can get an idea about your setup to give advice for further tests

Looks like a Samba bug with NTFS and VFAT.

You could use ext4 in the interim


Do you have another spare external drive >8GB that you could format for some testing ? Even a decent pen drive should do.

First format it NTFS and see if you can reproduce the problem when copying large files to it over samba.

Assuming you can, reformat it as ext4 and try the same test again. If you have no problems with it as ext4 then the issue is the one we suspect it probably is. It would be helpful to confirm whether choice of filesystem on the drive affects the outcome.

It’s working fine for me here. Win 10 Pro (latest Updates) + Vero 4k (latest stable Update) - SMB enabled Server. To Vero via USB attached 8TB Western Digital MyBook (NTFS). I can transfer a ~20GB File without Problems, from Win10 to the at Vero attached HDD. Must be something with your setup :thinking:

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Thank you everyone for chiming in, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

Just ran the system logs, see here: http://paste.osmc.tv/higojepeba

Also did as you suggested DBMandrake, and tested a 32GB NTFS Formatted Pen Drive on the other USB port, the 8GB file copied without issue from Windows over SAMBA.

Just tested transferring an 8GB file to my 6TB USB attached Drive on the Vero via FTP and it worked without issue. Thanks sam_nazarko, I’ll be using this method in the interm. Not really keen on formatting the whole drive to ext4 atm, but may do that in the future.

Still very confused as to why a 32GB pen-drive formatted as NTFS will work over SAMBA, but the 6TB USB hard drive won’t.

Well to be honest I am still trying to replicate it. While there seems to be some people in the team who have been able to replicate it others haven’t been.

The issue seems to be a combination of NTFS (or vfat/exfat) formatted drive, being shared with Samba, and copying to that share using Windows Explorer.

I first encountered this problem a couple of years ago on Windows 7 but was not able to make any real headway on the exact cause or a solution. To me it seems to be a limitation or compatibility issue between the Samba server and certain types of underlying filesystem, since it doesn’t happen with ext4 formatted drives, which are of course native to Linux.

Using FTP also works around the problem as you have discovered.

The issue is not related to file size, but rather transfer time. So on a slower network connection the problem will happen with a smaller file. With a 100Mbit network connection I start to see the problem above approximately 2GB.

Those who are testing without problems may have a faster drive or network connection, for example those testing on a Vero4k+ will have a Gigabit connection instead of 100Mbit so it would take a much bigger file to cause an issue.

In my testing on Windows 7 the clue that a problem was occurring is that Explorer would sit on “calculating” for the entire duration of the copy even when the copy was successful, whereas with an ext4 drive “calculating” would only last about 10 seconds.

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Hmm, interesting, thanks DBMandrake. Guess I’ll be using FTP for now.

For anyone that wants to use the integrated FTP viewer in Windows Explorer on Windows 10, I setup the following:

  1. Jump into SSH under /home/osmc and setup a symbolic link to the Media location. You can’t move up directories with the integrated Windows Explorer FTP viewer so you need to do this, otherwise all you can see is the osmc folder.
ln -s /media ~/Media
  1. Add a new Network Location under My Computer with the Vero IP address:

Basically works like I’ve setup a native SAMBA share in Windows.