Unable to update Vero 4k. "Error installing package (Unknown)"


I’ve been unable to update my Vero 4k for some time now, possibly a year or so.

I get an error along the lines of what is in the title of this post, then telling me to post on this forum. So here I am.

I’ve tried doing a factory reset of the device, but the result of an update attempt is the same.

Here is an uploaded log:

It’s unclear to me whether the events of an update attempt are captured there, but there are various (meaningless to me) errors.

Is anyone able to offer any assistance/pointers?



Sorry – this one slipped through the new whilst travelling.

Unfortunately your system is very old and you need to update by reinstalling from Download - OSMC. There’s some info on how to do this here: Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC


Thanks. A fresh image seems to have sorted the problem - I wasn’t aware that I could do this.

Glad this is now solved.

You can always reinstall OSMC on your device.