Unable to update


Am unable to update my Vero.

Via CLI I’m getting errors regarding Buster no longer being current
Via GUI going to MyOSMC generates an error (persists after a reboot), so can’t apply the hotfix that other posts mention

Is there a way to apply the hotfix manually, and/or to update the repo config so updates are available again?

Have created a log dump in case required - https://paste.osmc.tv/aletonamov


If it is the error of “old stable” then you could overcome that with sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change

how do I know if you are on the right version of OSMC or Kodi?
As for the time being my VERO 4K+ says OSMC 2021-08-1 and Kodi 19.1 Are they the proper versions for my unit as of 16/11/2021?
This morning when I finished a clean install I was able to go through the update procedure without any mistake or the need for the famous hotfix (ucawobahij) . If I try manually search for an update now, it says no update available, which seems to me a good news.
The only problem is I just cannot tell from nowhere what Kodi and what OSMC version should be on my unit. Is there a place or a way where I can check it? The reason I am asking this is because it is written in OSMC wiki that it is updated monthly. Or 2021-08-01 represents a major version number and the minors can not be seen?

Yes, that is the latest stable version.

That’s an aim not a fixed schedule.

The latest version is announced on the Blog and that would tell you are up to date with the August version

Perfect - exactly what I was looking for, all updated and MyOSMC not generating an error now

Many thanks!

I’d thought issuing monthly releases supposed to be rather an aim than a fixed schedule, that is why I asked. Many thanks for your replies, all of which were very useful piece of information.