Unable to watch movies from my NFS HDD


Here’s my setup :
1 rasp with Raspbian. I have an HDD connected to this one, that I shared in NFS
1 rasp with OSMC, which I use for a media center
1 internet box.

The 2 rasp are connected to the box with an ethernet wire.
In OSMC I’ve had my nfs shared hdd, no problem.
The thing is that I actually can’t read the movies… They’re added in the movie library, but when I want to read them, the movie don’t start, the scree, stay black with the control item (play/pause, stop…). Just as if it was loading, but during a long time…

Does anyone know how can I fix that ?
Is it a bad idea to take movies from an NFS drive ?

Thanks !

EDIT : I just performed a reboot, and now everything is working fine… This topic can be closed !

Just a guess would probably be a permissions issue from the NAS box but you’d have to provide debug logs demonstrating the issue for us to confirm this.