Unbearable UI dimness?

Sorry, just could not help myself, but the issue is that the UI itself is sometimes very dim, almost as dark as when the screensaver is on. It appears at random and I do not know if Kodi or the TV is to blame. The intensity is normal when we watch programmes though. Any ideas?

Does a reboot fix it?
You could try to disable the screensaver to check if it is coming from the screensaver not correctly disabling.

Reboot does not fix it. Let me try disabling the screensaver to see. Did not think of that.

I have the same problem, sometimes the screensaver does not get disabled.

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I disabled and rebooted. Much brighter now, let’s see if it stays that way.

Me too on occasion.

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Assuming it is the “dim” screensaver that is the culprit, what are the alternatives?

My screensaver of choice would be an animated one like Pyro or Space Invaders, but they end up crashing my system after a while. Hopefully that will get fixed at some point, or may have been already…I haven’t tried them for a while.

The same problem with me.

Here is my log: https://paste.osmc.tv/potizabico (kodi old log)

Thanks, but we’re going to need full debug logs, and a description of what you did ie times when you turned things off/on or standby/wakeup.