Unexpected automatic update of osmc to 19.5

I was watching some video within arte mediathek (as part of ARDundZDF extension). Worked fine, but when the video has finished an automatic update of osmc was started (I did not request for it). The download proceeds in the background (as usual). Finally I was asked if I want to install the downloaded packages. Here I selected YES - I got the installation GUI, and finally my raspi did a reboot. Is it normal that updates are now always downloaded automatically? But then I wonder why I could stay an the previous version till today.

Now I’m on kodi 19.5 with osmc VERSION_ID 2023.01-1 on my raspberry pi 3b.

Everything is fine after that update (except failing GPIO ports due to the still wrong file /etc/udev/rules.d/996-fix-gpiomem.rules - see my corresponding thread from 2022).

My question: What might have triggered that update? Some bug within ARDundZDF extension? Or was it a forced update? I know that I did (intentionally) not install the most recent osmc version 2023.01-1. But I was using the previous osmc release (being 19.4 with all available patches for 19.5 - thus nearly 19.5).

Anyhow, the update was successful, and it’s always good to use the most recent software version of course.

Do you have an explanation for that?

Regards, Michael

This is merely a check for updates. No updates were actually applied until you selected YES. Automatic check for updates can be disabled in the MyOSMC program addon. This function is enabled by default.

OSMC will NEVER force an update on a user. The user must positively select YES from the update to be applied.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I, too, know that osmc does only do automatic CHECKs. But today osmc even did an automatic download without asking. I’d expect that even downloads should only start after a GO from my side.

As I wrote already, everything is fine now. I only would like to know why the download did start without asking. And why it started just today despite I’m on an older version since some months.

Regards, Michael

Are you sure that this is the case AND on this machine My OSMC>updates>update settings>when updating… is set to “prompt for all actions”?

Not possible.

Thanks for your replies. I’ve cheched my update settings - and it is set to ask for confirmation before update. As I wrote originally, I did get a question whether to perform the update or not, and I confirmed. The download probably started automatically on a random basis (my raspi runs 24/7, but kodi typically only once per week).

Thus I assume, that everything is fine. I just wanted to ensure that no security risks have been exposed maybe due to the recent kodi.tv security breach - afterwards I’m a little bit more paranoic w. r. t. kodi than before.

Regards, Michael

Unless you’ve used the same password on multiple websites, the issue should be isolated.

I have to admit that I have shared my password across many, many sites (despite knowing better). But I’ve changed all passwords last monday. And I still use that leaked password in my local network (since I do not allow remote access from the outside).

Regards, Michael