Unexpected bonus - my Sony remote just works!

I am a newbie with OSMC and have JUST got it running - well limping…
On my list of things to do was to buy a remote, however I was just checking that it was still running and had used my Sony remote to change input source. So after I had switched to OSMC I just tried my remote - AND IT JUST WORKS !

I am delighted!

Just FYI, I am running OSMC 2017 12-1 on a Raspberry Pi 3. The TV is a Sony KDL 43W805C and the remote is an RMT-TX100D. Maybe someone else can make use of this.

Now to be honest, I am really grateful that I a) don’t have to buy a remote (I am scottish!) and b) I won’t end up with yet another remote.
It does leave the question of HOW it works - but hey, I am just happy!

So, on to a bunch of other things to set up - fix the ip address, try a powered USB hub, add a USB hard drive - then actually try to record something with it.
Happy days…

HDMI CEC. If you have a playstation, dvdplayer (of newer make) it’ll probably do the same :slight_smile: