Unexpected "Playbak Failed" error message

I had a brief second of stuttering, then a black screen and Playback Failed error message when the home screen reappeared.

It happened sometime between 11:00 and 11:30 on the 25th November, and there is a lot of logging going on here.

I’m just not sure how to interpret the log and diagnose the problem. So this is either a call for help, or asking for education.

The media played without incident on a laptop next to the Vero straight after, using the same wifi. I can’t rule out a connection or wifi problem but I’m not expecting that it is.

ok I might have diagnosed this.
VERO is currently connected to a different access point and subnet.
Is it possible is just switched part way through a movie?
That would explain the apparent connection problem. I’ve D/C and Forget on the wrong access point and that probably resolves it.

Let’s keep an eye on things