Uninstalling OSMC "shipped with" (built-in) addons

Since a while I notice that there are addon updates notifications for addons I don’t need, or rather I would like to get rid of them completely. For example, game controllers since I don’t play in OSMC, or dozens of languages I don’t need.
In another thread I read that might not be possible, since OSMC (other than Kodi) would not run under root (or maybe the other way around).
Is it really that such built-in addons can not be uninstalled or at least disabled, not even using the terminal and SUDO?

Edit: Forgive me that I am still running Kodi 18.x - I still depend on addons which don’t yet run on 19.x

If you were super comfortable with sudo and commandline, I think you could work out how to do it. True there are stuff that if you remove them you might break the system. But with a regular SD-card back up, that isn’t a major issue.

I’m not comfortable with giving out “a list” of what makes OSMC OSMC, eg what you can or can’t remove without system regression. But I’m not stopping you from trying it out, get to know your systems in and outs, I mean even if it’s to much work to get “little extra space on a SD card” or “get those annoying updates” out of the way, think of the enjoyment in learning what tics under the hood.

You can remove a lot of the add-ons, but I wouldn’t really bother.

The space consumption is minimal.