Unix noob needs help sharing usb hdd via samba

hey guys,

sorry, I tried to share my external USB hdd (Labeled: Data, Formated as ntfs) via samba using the wiki, but couldn’t get it working. Maybe some of you could give me a small advice?

I installed the samba server via the app store and now I can see the osmc device via windows explorer, but I can only see folders like movies, music, pictures, and tv shows. They are all empty. What do I have to do to see my hdd there?

Try rebooting.

Can you see the drive under /media currently?

You you looking in networking? If so you are probably looking at UPnP and not Samba. In the address bar in explorer try typing \\[ip.address.of.osmc]

omg, rebooting did the trick. Sorry for taking your time! Thx!