Unmount SD card after OSMC boot up correctly?


I would like to use the sd card reader from my raspberry pi to backup data from another sd card I have.
Is that technically possible or does the SD card to be mounted the whole time?

Thanks in advance,

You really shouldn’t be removing the SD card from a running system.

You can try looking into rsync to backup data between running devices across the network though.

The intention was to use the raspberry pi as sd card reader.
I thought having osmc installed on usb pen gives me the chance to remove sd card when the system booted up.

Sorry, this screwdriver was not intended to drive a nail… :wink:

Well the boot parition is mounted, so you first would need to unmount it before you unplug the card.
So some how it should be possible but connecting a USB SD card reader might be a much easier approach.

So you can confirm that this should work after unmounting the boot partition? :blush:

Well it technically works but as soon as any process tries to access it (e.g. MyOSMC) then you will have a problem. So for a short period to just do what you want you most likely will get away.