Unpleasant First-Time Out-of-Box Experience

Got to Australia quickly - that’s great (+4 days regular australia post parcel mail though - slower than the international).

Plugged it in. It’s now in an infinite bootloop with 2 lines of white text at the top of the screen (unreadable as it flashes by too quickly with ~10 second wait with the blue unhappy face before it flashes by again). Looks vaguely like a memory address, though each line seems to begin with '207".

This occurred immediately after the setup routine reached the “Set Time” thing (mentioning HTTP) - very early in the setup process in other words.

Happens with or without Vero 4K HDMI cable, USB disk or LAN (no infra red). Haven’t tried w/out the remote wireless receiver.

Any fixes out there? My microSD cards are all old and have all failed - won’t have another to reinstall OS until tomorrow. I’d appreciate any opinions - in the meantime i’ll just let it run - those white text numbers ARE changing (for the short time i checked, they appeared to be reducing: 207.6-something, down to 207.3 etc).

Sounds odd, only recommendations are:

  1. Connect the power supply to wall socket and not powerbar
  2. Try a different network cable or switch port
  3. Connect to a different TV

Normal Boot process is:

  1. Black screen with blue test “Please Standby”
  2. Short flash of yellow pattern in upper part
  3. Blue OSMC Splash screen
  4. Short black screen before Kodi/OSMC Menu appear

Also can you connect a USB keyboard and while you power up the Vero hold the “Shift” key to enter the emergency console?

Thanks - error occurs with/out LAN. USB k/b possible. Error actually occurs after a msg that contains ‘update’ and ‘utmp’ or something similar (i just disconnected/reconnected w/out usb of any kind).

Will get back to you, thanks.

Different power and/or board fail. Moving to different circuit, just in case.

Sorry to hear about the problems. I would attempt a reinstall and see how things go after that.


Thanks everyone, a reinstall from microSD (using the toothpick+rename-to-recovery method) did the trick, and very very quickly too.

I can’t help but think i must have powered up briefly before i had everything connected, and unplugged abruptly, and caused this hassle by myself - will follow future instructions more carefully in future.


Thanks for keeping us updated. Just ensure that you are updating as the update was just released last night and your image would be an older version.

I am glad this is now working for you. It does sound like the device was initially corrupted and this can happen from abrupt power loss on the first boot.

Fortunately it’s an easy fix.