Unusual Soundcard, can I get it to work with OSMC?

Hi there. I have one of these cards


Its interesting because it allows Analogue Audio In via ALSA so I can in theory build a Kodi based RPi media player with an analogue input for my record player/Phono stage although I cannot seem to get OSMC to see it.

The website says the Drivers are in the kernel for Raspbian but OSMC is a little different I suppose and might not have it.

Anyway any suggestions how I might be able to get it working with ALSA?

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Where are the Raspbian instructions? That will give some clues.

I suspect setting it up as a HifiBerry DAC in My OSMC -> Pi Config could work, as most DACs are similar.

OSMC uses device tree overlays to load kernel modules, as does Raspbian for some time now. This means an appropriate overlay would need to be placed in config.txt. That’s what OSMC’s Pi Config does. The purpose of a HAT is actually to provide some guidance to the Pi so that it knows what overlay to load. It’s possible support for the HAT is not in OSMC’s kernel presently.

The driver for sound however will almost certainly be shipped in our kernel.


@sam_nazarko looking at this there might be more needed then just setting it up as a Hifiberry DAC


Okay, so add the dtoverlay line mentioned in that thread to config.txt: dtoverlay=audioinjector-wm8731-audio. You don’t need dtparam=audio=on because that’s for the internal DAC (and our kernel is patched to enable the internal DAC). You would actually want: dtparam=audio=off.

Install ALSA user space utilities with sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

Add the alsactl command mentioned in the post to /etc/rc.local so it runs on startup:

alsactl --file /usr/share/doc/audioInjector/asound.state.RCA.thru.test restore

Uploaded the tar with the resources here in case that forum thread disappears.

audio.injector.scripts_0.1-1_all.deb.tgz (3.9 KB)

That should do it.

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possible to add some official way like hifiberry in the myosmc addon ? or does it require too much resources ?

Better to confirm it works first. I’ve never seen this card before

ofc :slight_smile: me either was kinda curious thats why i checked out the forum that i found the script on too see if there was some form of documentation.

Thanks all I can confirm it works as a sound out with the above…I am having a bit of problem with sound in but that is not your problem.

osmc@osmc:~$ audioInjector-setup.sh updating the kernel sudo: rpi-update: command not found

The audio injector sound card is now setup.
Please reboot to enable the correct device tree

I reboot and I get audio out but not Audio In. I will persevere.

I go into config.txt and dtparam=audio=off seems to be removed upon reboot
Its an interesting card. If It really can accept an analog input to any reasonable level of fidelity it will make a lot of people with analog sources or chromecasts and just want one thing that does it all very happy.

The developer has a protoype 6 channel audio card in development which I think looks very interesting as well!

the sudo rpi-update shouldn’t be necessary.

it shouldn’t you’re right.

ok so


remain in my config.txt upon reboot.

But in My OSMC the soundcard overlay is set to none but it works.

No Audio in but I shall ask the developer if there is anything else he can think of. If I find out I will let you know.

well MyOSMC doesnt matter for this to work, it only matter later on if Sam adds the card :slight_smile:

OK all working, my bad. By default the Alsamixer’s Line Out is set to Mute so go to the output mixer and unmute it.

Yes! It works. Its a bit noisy with a small amount of audio motorboating if you listen close up but that is usually a poor quality PSU and will have a play around and see what works but as of now this card is working in place of a HiFiBerry DAC.

Will compare audio quality in a bit.

Thanks all!

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motorboating cured by using a much classier 5V 3A linear PSU I usaing two layers of regulation that I have been meaning to use when I make a little media preamp/phono/osmc box.

Just been listening to some music and its very good indeed for analog sources. Will try Phono when I have soldered together a MC phono stage that is next to be built. I guess a fancy enclosure calls.

And where are my Manners?
Thank you all!

I am glad you have got it working. A bad PSU will introduce noise, as you’ve discovered.

Would you mind putting a small HOWTO together for anyone else that comes across this card?

This is because My OSMC doesn’t recognise your sound card. Nothing to worry about.

See if you can get him to add official support to OSMC. We’re happy to help him with this.

Feel free to start a post showing us what you come up with. I still think @mcobit has the best DIY OSMC case for Raspberry Pi.

Remember to run alsactl store to preserve unmute across reboots.

Now that was the final piece of the puzzle. Pure gold. Thanks. The next thing I am going to do is get alsaequal to work…

I will assemble a howto and contribute. If there is a Wiki or a particular format let me know otherwise I will add to this thread and you can repurpose as you see fit.

Once again many thanks. An unusual card but a quality ADC/Analog In saves me having to buy a Preamp.

Check the howto section there are alot of howtos there that works once you written your post just flag it and sam and the rest of the gang will move it into the howto section :slight_smile:

I will make a new one soon. Now that I have access to a lasercutter :wink:

Hello Claire - sorry to jump in on an old thread, but I’ve just picked up an audioinjector card with the view to make something similar (a media player which can use multiple outputs for multi-channel audio, but also an input stage for my vinyl). Just wondering how you got on and if you might have any tips / pointers how to get started!