Up key in OSD video settings jump to bottom of menu

In most places, if you’ve selected the top item in a menu or list, and you press the Up key on the remote, the selection jumps to the bottom of the list.

There’s one place where this doesn’t happen, which is in the OSD video menu (accessed by pressing the Menu key during playback on Vero 4K+). I’d like to be able to able to press the Menu key, then press Up once or possibly twice, then press Select, and for that to get me into Video Calibration. Instead I have to scroll all the way down the menu to the bottom every time.

Paging @Chillbo as this might be a skin issue.

(An alternative to this would be some sort of shortcut to Video Calibration, or even directly into adjusting the display height of subtitles, which is the reason I need to get into Video Calibration in the first place).

There’s a specific reason for this: The OSD dialogs work differently than other dialogs… Normal dialogs are fullscreen, have a button bar on the bottom and indicators telling users what to click in order to get to that button bar. The OSD dialogs don’t have all this, thus it works in the fashion you experience :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see a convincing way of changing this :thinking:

Oh, well; it was worth checking! Is there any other way you can think of to speed up the process of changing the vertical position of subtitles? It’s something I find myself having to do quite often - almost every time I switch between something 16:9 and something 2.35:1, in fact. It’s quite a lot of clicks at the moment.

Will keep this in mind… I’ve thought about good ways of changing the behaviour of this dialog, but I didn’t see any convincing way yet. Will keep you posted :+1:t2:

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If you just want to change the overall position (bottom, below, top, etc.) then you can keymap the action “SubtitleAlign”. If you want to dedicate a pair of buttons to the task you can use “SubtitleShiftUp” and “SubtitleShiftDown”. The position has to be set as fixed for them to move and unfortunately I don’t think Kodi has a command for the position to stick on the screen like with the audio offset so you pretty much need two buttons with no long-press actions attached to them (so they key repeat) for this to work with any bit of sanity.

If you want to try it with a keyboard ctl-T, ctl-up arrow, ctl-down arrow

If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at how this works in the Estuary skin - they manage to have vertical wrap-around working in that dialogue.

I tried assigning those actions to the up and down keys. This works for single clicks, but the action doesn’t repeat when the key is held down. Is that because there’s a long-press action associated with those keys? (Doing a long-press of Up or Down during playback doesn’t seem to do anything).

As per my guide the long-press up/down navigate a playlist so that mapping has to be removed in order to gain key repeat.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
			<up mod="longpress"/>
			<down mod="longpress"/>

I know they do. Most dialogs in Estuary have their buttons on the right side… This just doesn’t work with our skin design.