Update Available Install Later Question

Ok maybe a dumb question but can’t seem to find the solution. When a update is available I see the icon at the bottom left and a pop up notification that the system needs a update etc. Quite often I don’t want to start the update as I am just about to watch a video so I select NO to reinstall alter. So how can I at a later date complete the update. Only setting I can find is to go to MyOSMC ->.Manual Controls->Scan for Updates now. let it rescan and re-download the package and then install.

Yes, that’s it.

There used to be a “Install Updates” option, but it is far more prudent to recheck for even newer updates before running the install anyway.

If the updated packages are already downloaded, it doesnt re-download them.

Hmm, too bad there wasn’t a delay update option when it prompts to update. Say default x hours and then presents you with the prompt again in x hours as opposed to having to redo a manual scan.

Maybe we can add that. I for one always get annoyed when I can only delay Windows updates by 4 hours


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